Monterey, California
April 2012

Time slipping like sand through my hands Cape Cod, Massachusetts
May 2014

Opus 40
Woodstock, NY
April 2014

Matherland, Not everything is what it seems. Not everything happens as you would expect
Alghero, Italy
July 2012

Dean Street.
Brooklyn, NY.
June 2013

off the beaten track
Van Vieng, Laos
March 2015

June 2012

Occupy your life
Brooklyn, NY
December 2011

Park Slope
Prospect Park, Brooklyn
August 2012

Boerum Hill, NY.
October 2011

the day after
Clinton Hill, NY
December 2013

White on white
spiaga dell ninfe,Italy
July 2013

F train to Coney Island
Coney Island, NY
September 2012

Broken in Brooklyn
Boerum Hill, Brooklyn
February 2013

Construction - September 2013 - Clinton Hill, NY

Rebirth -February 2014- Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Felix Hotel
Washington DC
January 2013

Paper people
Brooklyn, NY
February 2016

Alghero, Italy
July 2013

at the market
Hong Kong, China
March 2015

Lazy mornings in bed
Brooklyn, NY
February 2012

Polar Vortex- January 2014- Larchmont manor beach, NY

Mimes - January 2012 - Brooklyn, NY

'Hell is the other' Jean Paul Sartre -
March 2012- Brooklyn, NY

Dumbo, Brooklyn
June 2016

best holiday ever - November 2013 - Brooklyn, NY

Hanks Saloon -November 2012- Brooklyn, NY

Huyck Preserve - October 2013- Huyck Preserve, New York

Coney Island, NY
May 2012

Monterey, California

School festival
The Hague, Netherlands
June 2011

Monster mash
Litmus Park, Brooklyn
October 2014

The Hague, Netherlands
January 2011